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    Four Florists you need to know about

    Happy New Year!

    I want to showcase four florists who’s work makes my heart skip a beat. I thought what could be a better way to dive back into the new year than celebrating, floristry that is evocative, beautiful, exciting and sometimes suprising.

    Brittany Asch behind ‘Brrch’ creates fantastical work, that is a wonderful juxtaposition of colourful retro nostalgia with edge of surreal oddness, creating work that feels very modern, fashion forward and her arrangements really feel like works of contemporary art.

    Ruby Barber behind ‘Mary Lennox’ creates emotional, strong flawless installations that set the mood for any image. Allowing one or a few flora or fawna to take centre stage, creates a bold unapologetic celebration of the plant life itself.

    Hattie Fox behind ‘That flower shop’ creates works that feels like its been created with oil paints. Colours of Turner and Constable, this Hackney based florists work, feel like it belongs in a Dickension living room. However, its unepexpected mix of flora, scale and postioning, defiantly makes her work feel modern and trend led.

    Anna and Ellie behind ‘The flower appreciation society’ work is a celebration of floral whimsy. Both delicate and bold at the same time, their work feels like stepping into a Manor house’s cutting garden. However their quirky mix of  foliage, flora and eccentricity creates something fresh and exciting.


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